Import Face-Off – Heartland Park Topeka

Import Face-Off is one of those events that you never want to leave. You get up way earlier than you ever should on a weekend to hang out with an obscene amount of car people to do car stuff.

Drifting, drag racing and car show. What more can you ask for?

The show was a nice blend of cars, though I always enjoy the unique stuff it’s great to see cars that are considered average cleaned up for show. I have to show off some imports because of the name of the event, but there were all sorts of great rides.

This event was the first time I saw drifting in person, and it was an experience. Standing behind a small concrete barrier watching cars slide by you at speed is something every automotive enthusiast should experience sometime in their lives, even if it’s super dangerous. There’s nothing like trying to clean burnt rubber out of every pour of your skin after just 30 minutes of spectating.

The drag racing was fun to watch too. Seeing everything from 16 second bone-stock cars to 10 second purpose-built cars was pretty great, and the trash talk made it even better. It was always fun to guess if a car was a sleeper or not, or if the crazy looking race car was actually fast or just an un-tuned eBay special.

As always I’ve got some video and a full album of photos from the event.



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