Kansas City Region SCCA Solo Event #1

The 2017 Kansas City Region SCCA Solo Season has officially begun! Today was the first event of the season, marking the beginning of a long journey for myself and my 2015 Focus ST.

I had big plans for this year, and after a lot of thought I went through with them. I ditched the used Eagle F1 tires and stock rims for a set of dedicated autocross wheels and tires, and threw on an aftermarket rear sway bar. I know it doesn’t sound like much compared to what most in this sport have done, but the thought of modifying my car to the rules of my class in a way to make it perform better in any way was super exiting to me. Who knows, this car may end up stripped out and fully prepped once it’s paid for!

I had a lot of fun at the test and tune the day before the event, even sliding off into the grass during one of my runs.

Thankfully there was no damage, just a bruised pride and a lot of mud everywhere. This is when I knew I was in the zone, I was ready to tackle the first event.

I chose to run the end of the event because I just wanted to get back in the groove of being there. I’ve gone to so many cars and coffee events that I almost forgot what it was like to be at the course for seven, sometimes eight or nine hours a day. I snapped some pictures during the first heat, worked the second, and was ready to run in the third.

During my first run a fellow driver, Greg Cheney, offered to ride along and give suggestions. As you can hear in my video, I’m a bit sheepish with the throttle (and brake) and after realizing that I got in a grove. I shaved around two seconds off of my time during the second run, and was able to edge into first place in G-Street and 16th in Pax out of 144 by my last run. I was so exited to see that I made it to the top of my glass during my first event when most of the class was participating.



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