Kansas City Cars and Coffee at Rosana Square

The first thing I am going to say is FRICK THE COLD!

This weekend’s event was great, but the weather can go die for all I care. It was cold even with the sun shining, and my super fluff gloves made camera control far from easy.

A new spot at this event was a brand new Acura NSX. You really never get a good idea as to what a car looks like until you’re standing next to it, and this is when I realized the NSX is beautiful.

I also never realised how much I want a large Audi coupe. This RS5 looked so clean yet so simple. I wish more VW’s would use this formula, I think most of them look rather plain in comparison.

On the other end of the luxury spectrum, This modern Caprice PPV was something I did not expect to see. With many local PDs going with the Ford Taurus or the Dodge Charger, a modern Chevy cop car is not something you see all the time out here.

As always, I snapped many photos as well as some video for you to enjoy.


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