Cars and Coffee at the Kansas City Automotive Museum

This was a HUUUUGE event. I have never seen so many cars at this location before, and it made for an exiting time.

Not only did we take up the lot in front of the Museum, we took up a large lot across the street from it, a lot next to that AND most of the blocks street parking.

There were definitely a few spots that stood out to me. This Nissan Sedric Gran Turismo was something I had never heard of, and it just screamed ’90s JDM luxury.

Then, the new and beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in stunning red really stole the show.

Now getting up there in age but still looking great, this Ferarri Maranello in a punchy yellow was definitely easy on the eyes.

There were plenty more wonderful rides that showed up, but it would take me all day to try and talk about them all. As always here is some digital visual content for you to digest as well as a full album.


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