Cars and Coffee at Doughboy’s Donuts


After the first Kansas City Cars and Coffee event at Doughboy’s Donuts in Raytown, Missouri the awesome folks at Doughboy’s decided to have us back!

The weather was decent and the donuts were awesome. The first thing I noticed was a group of twins (BRZ/FRS) that all showed up together.

Another spectacle I enjoyed was a well worn Toyota Tercel wagon that showed up steaming. The owner reassured me that it was only from a hole in the top of the radiator.

And who doesn’t love to seeing one of the most iconic shooting breaks in the world?

And to top it all off these two beautiful Zs were a sight to behold.

Now I am all for the flashy, high-dollar exotics and the old-school hot rods, but there’s something about these seemingly easy to obtain “average” cars that become icons that just make them so much more exiting to see. As always there’s a moving picture to go along with these non-moving ones, as well as a whole album of stuff. Enjoy!


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