Cars and Coffee at the Museum

So far this year cars and coffee has been cold and dreary. The midwest is not really meant for this kind of car culture, but some of us just tough it out. I think today tricked a few people, as the forecast called for a high of 47 degrees but we only reached 29 degrees by the time the event was over. It was cold, I was cold, everything was cold but somehow we still had over 60 cars show up for the morning.

The weather didn’t keep this Ferarri Testarossa from stopping by along with a lot of other vehicles clearly meant for those warm weather weekends.

One vehicle that stood out to me was a newer Camaro SS with a hood that seemed to have enough space under the hood for Β a small studio apartment.Β The hood was of course not just for show, but necessary to keep the temperatures under the hood in check when racing.

Another more subtle powerhouse showed up in the form of this Audi, which hid all of it’s goods under the hood.

I do enjoy a nice honeycomb filter. I also enjoy a nice Datsun like this older Z.

As always there’s a bit of video and even more pictures you can see here below.


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