Almost the End of the Season!

Another Sunday, another Cars and Coffee. This one was held at StoneGate Motorplaza, which is this a cool car garage community that’s a work in progress. I can’t wait to see what it turns into in the future.

Here in the Kansas City metro it’s been a bit warm for November, but of course this morning was frigid. I hopped in the ST and creeped my way to the meet on my summer tires hoping they would heat up and give me some sense of grip.

This is the second to last event hosted by Kansas City Cars and Coffee, so the turnout was pretty big. I’ve got over 200 photos of vehicles, and I’m sure I missed a few that showed up late. One of my favorite spots was this Ferrari Dinoย with a racing livery. This just isn’t something you see every day.

There was also this wild Rat Rod drag car that really stood out, the weathered exterior hid what seemed to be a crazy machine. The rear tires were so wide the only thing between them was the rear differential.

As always I have a huge dump of photos and a video. Right now it looks like there’s one more Cars and Coffee at the Kansas City Automotive Museum, and one more of the Kansas City Cars and Coffee events at Rosana Square. After that I think the 2016 events are complete.


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