Cars and Coffee at the Museum – Winter is Coming

Another Saturday and guess what I’m up to?

You guessed it! Cars and Coffee. I don’t know why but these events are just so therapeutic. It’s like my version of church, except my gods do burnouts instead of all the cool stuff other gods do.

The problem with living in Kansas is that we experience the extremes of all of the seasons. Our summers are hot and humid, and our winters cold and dry. This fall has been surprisingly warm, but of course I have still fallen victim to the winter cold.

I figured more of my fellow Cars and Coffee friends would throw in the towel for the season, but much to my surprise there were cars sitting in the museum parking lot when I showed up.

I felt like it was American muscle day or something walking around the parking lot and seeing everything from the original muscle cars to brand new Mustangs. There were a few porches and other sports cars and imports, but you could really tell we were in the heart of America.

One of my favorite cars from this event was a Corvair Corsa. There’s something about the shape of this vehicle that reaslly makes me wonder what could’ve been if this platform was around today, the long rear section just makes the car seem more elegant and balanced compared to other American cars from that era.

There was also a beatiful Triumph motorcycle that showed up near the end. It’s amazing how simple motorcycles were back then, but also thinking about how slowly motorcycles have advanced compared to cars. A modern Honda cruiser is really not that different than one from a few decades ago, while the current day Civic is a massive leap in design and technology compared to ones from back then.

Of course there were plenty of other great vehicles out, which you can see below. I expect the turnout for these events to thin as the days get colder and snow starts to fall, but have no fear, I’ll be there.


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