Another Saturday, another cars and coffee event. This weekend’s event was at the Kansas City Automotive Museum, which is a small but entertaining venue.

One of the highlights was the local De Tomaso Pantera club. If you don’t know what those words mean, don’t feel bad, I barely do myself.

De Tomaso was an Italian car-manufacturing company, and the Pantera was a car they produced and sold in the states through Ford for a few years.

They are definitely interesting cars. Iconic styling and a very interesting drivetrain layout make for a very unique experience. I still cannot get over how the engine seems to be right behind your seat, with what looks to be a regular old RWD vehicle transmission bolted directly to a differential. I remember when I first saw one up close at another Cars and Coffee event. That’s what’s cool about these events, you learn something new, see interesting cars and meet new people.

But enough about Panteras, there were a few other cars that caught my attention. A beautifuly modified Lotus Elise, a Procharged Cherokee, a V8 Audi R8, and don’t knock me for this but a WS6 Trans Am. Check all of these cars and more out in this album.

And as always I had to create some video content, so cleanse your pallet of the photos and dig into this video.


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