Cars and Coffee at the Museum – Foggy Fun

Another Saturday, another day I probably should’ve slept in. The problem is I’m tempted by the promise of well-kept show vehicles lined up in a parking lot, as well as all of the free donuts and coffee I could desire.

This event was a typical Kansas City Automotive Museum event, which means there was a small but respectable selection of vehicles along with the great assortment inside the museum itself.

The morning started off a bit rocky, with heavy fog meaning most cars would show up soaked in dew. Luckily for the ST it’s kept in a garage so the water spots were minimal, but my fresh spiderweb scratches are still plainly visible to the trained eye. I have now spent hours contemplating the purchase of a proper polishing tool and compounds to correct my mistakes, but I’m afraid I’ll have to use it almost every weekend if I don’t completely change my washing regimen.

I’m always surprised at the number of people who actually look at my car. I never know if they’re actually admiring it, or just saying, “why is this boring ford with stupid stickers even at this event?”

Sadly I’m never around my car to answer questions. I think in the future I’ll slap my autocross numbers on the side and make a cliche car photo collage and story to prop up on the engine cover in a cheap Wal-Mart frame so everyone can read it.

The main reason I’m not around my car to answer questions is I’m asking others questions and taking photos and video. There were a few things that stood out to me at this event, one being a Stella scooter with a lively owner as well as a black S2000 AP1 I was eyeing trying to figure out the purpose of the little glass window thing between the two seats.

Eventually I was able to break my concentration to bring you the content below. Next weekend it’s off to the races-er-cone navigating after my bachelor party. Hopefully I’m able to make it, and hopefully I don’t mess up too bad.


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