Autocross Season Update: 2016 is almost over!

The 2016 season is almost over! I have two more events that I will be attending to finish out the year.

So far I’m in 4th in the Kansas City Region SCCA G-Street Championship. If I can hold my place I’ll be more than happy, if I can land 3rd I’ll be ecstatic.

I have landed 3rd or 4th in most of my events this year, which has been pretty satisfying. I know I have a long way to go when it comes to my driving abilities, and that’s what has shaped my plan for next season.

Over the break between this season and next I will be installing a rear sway bar in the Focus ST. I’ve noticed that the rear end of the car likes to step out abruptly, and this should fix that issue.

My original plan was to also add a set of 17×8 48mm offset rims and 255/40 R17 200 treadwear tires, but I didn’t want to make such a huge investment when I have yet to learn to control the car on the OEM Eagle F1 tires. I found a set of lightly used Eagle F1s to use next season which will be perfect.

Next year I plan on attending around the same number of events, maybe a few more. Overall my focus (lol) will be to catch up to the others in G-Street and learn to control the ST. I don’t think I’ll be placing any higher without the better tires, but who knows.


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