Kansas City Automotive Museum “Cruiseum” Poker Run

Today I did something kind of different, a poker run cruise. This was organized by the Kansas City Automotive Museum, which is an awesome little museum in the Kansas City Metro that puts on some great cars and coffee events as well as this annual poke run cruise. They call it the Cruiseum poker run.

If you don’t know what a poker run is, let alone a poker run cruise, it’s pretty simple. There are five points of interest that you must drive to, and at each stop you are given a card to add to your poker hand. At the end your hand is compared to all of the other participants, and whoever has the best hand wins a prize or something.

It’s not a race, there’s no way to really win, you just pick a random card at each stop and see what you get. The cool part is just seeing the sights and cruising around running into other cool cars on your way.

We had some cool stops, though I was so caught up in them I didn’t take any real photos. I know, I know. But oh well.

The poker run ended at the Carriage Houses of Johnson County, which is a really awesome location where a lot of people store away and work on their cars.

Here are some of the photos I took at the carriage houses.

EDIT: Here are some photos taken by the Kansas City Auto Museum of my ST, you can view the other photos here.



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