This autocross season has flown by. Last thing I remember I was having a hard time controlling my Focus ST on a simple test and tune course, and now I’m trying to take on wavy parking lots full of cones. This is way too much fun.


Event #8 was my first event that wasn’t at the Metropolitan Community College Precision Driving Center, which is a facility with a mostly predetermined layout. Cones are set on the course, but the sections of roads help guide you. This event was at a local amphitheater parking lot, which not only is just a giant concrete pad, Β it’s also wavy and uneven.

How wavy and uneven? You can see in these few clips how one area was a bit of an issue. This is just one part of the course, there were many other areas that changed directions randomly.

This was exiting as well as terifying. you might also be able to see the light poles and concrete barriers, two things I’ve never had to worry about.

As usual I enjoyed watching other people take on this course before I did, which was very helpful. You can see the full album of photos here.

If you’ve seen any of my previous posts, you will know I had some issues with my action camera setup which caused me to have NO FOOTAGE of my last event. To add to the sting there was NO PHOTOGRAPHER when I was on course. I was a sad puppy.

This time was different. Not only did I have a working action camera, I had TWO. That’s right, two. I mounted one on the windshield and the other to my helmet, which made for some really cool video.

I know I know, no one wants to watch four minutes of autocross. If you want to see something exiting, skip to the last run which starts at about 3:10

You may find something really exiting.

Focus ST Drift


That’s right, a mean front-wheel drift drift through the long sweeper. It was so much fun I almost wanted to go around and do it again, but it was my final run for the day. This actually ended up being my fastest run, which means had I not went all Tokyo Drift I probably would’ve had an even faster time.

Either way, my drift did end up getting featured in the extended version of “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”as you can see here below.


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