Cars 4 Heros – Small Town Old School Cool, But When Will the New Kids Show Up?

I live in the small town of Leavenworth, Kansas. Just like most small towns, we have a lot of nothing. Not to say the town doesn’t have it’s place, but other than the Military fort there’s nothing here that isn’t in any other town or city.

One thing we usually don’t have is car shows, but every once in a while someone puts something on. We have a local old school car club called the Leavenworth Cruiser Car Club. They’ve got some beautiful cars, but just like our downtown the club doesn’t have any new blood.

This event, hosted by Cars 4 Heros, went way under my radar. Based on the attendance, I think it went under everyone’s radar. I think the organization that put it on,, does a great thing, and that is giving people transportation. But one thing they don’t doΒ is event promotion.

I saw it on Facebook just a day before it happened, and I could barely find any information beyond the Facebook post and Facebook event other than the fact that it was hosted in front of the local Country Mart grocery store. Either way I figured I would swing by since it’s in my own back yard.

There, in the parking lot of a small town grocery store, was a nice selection of old school hot rods and modified cars. These folks have poured hours into these beautiful hot rods and vintage rides, and it shows.

In most cases I would be all over these cars, picking apart details and seeing what was done, but there was one problem. I had seen all of these cars before. I have seen them at every single car show in this town, and no one had brought anything new or different to the table.

The more I write the more I feel like this is a rant, but I just have to say it. Just like everything else in this town, the car scene hasn’t changed. There’s no new blood, and if there is they are all running to the big cities thinking they’res no where to belong in Leavenworth.

I want to put on a young-blood car show. I want to see what the younger generations in this town have done. The old guys have it down and they’re cars are beautiful, but I can only look at the same two or three dozen cars so many times.







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