Cars and Coffee – Why Can’t We Do This In The Evening?

I’m not a morning person. I don’t like that all of my automotive events require me to wake up at 7 a.m. or earlier. I have a hard enough time getting out of bed at that time for work, how does anyone expect me to get up that early ON A WEEKEND and be happy about it?

As with all of my weekend events, I forced my still-tingling body from my bed, lumbered over to my closet to find something to cover my body and eventually wondered down the stairs into my car thinking, “Why in the world did I wake up for this?”

As soon as I arrived at Saturday’s event, I saw why. Everything from beautiful Porsches and other vintage vehicles to every day cars that people cherish and make their own.

I still haven’t started talking to people at events, but I did see some familiar faces from my KCRSCCA events. Someone even recognized me as I was taking photos of cars, which surprised me. I didn’t know anyone knew who I was, or even what I was to others. Am I the photographer, the guy with the Focus ST who can’t drive at the autocross events, or moob man? I guess I will never know.

I think I have a very simple need when it comes to vehicles. Everything there was interesting. I don’t know if I will ever be bored of seeing a particular car, even my own. There were probably two dozen Focus and Fiesta STs at this event, and each one had it’s own character.

From stock to what-in-the-world-was-that-thing-before-you-added-all-of-that-carbon-fiber, there were plenty of sights to be seen. If you ever feel like there’s not enough car culture in your area, I am willing to bet you can find a Cars and Coffee event that will change your mind. I would have never known most of these vehicles existed, never mind the fact that they could be parked in garages in my own town.

One thing I noticed during the whole event was that high dollar vehicles were few and far between. I think there was maybe one Ferrari at this event, and it seemed like everyone walked by it. I have nothing against Ferrari, but I think there’s something about die-hard car guys that makes them immune to their lure.

Then you have people swarm around a Lotus Elise like it’s made of gold, maybe because it’s so tiny? I know that I find it interesting because it’s something I could actually own today if I had the guts to give up my warranty and comfort.


Well, that’s all I have for this event. It was fun, and I plan to go to many more in the future. Here’s a few more of my stills from Cars and Coffee. The full album can be viewed here.


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