KCRSCCA Event #7 – Sun, Fun and my Failures.

I’m a little late on this recap, mostly because I’m bummed. Not because of anything really serious, but because I somehow failed to capture any of my runs with my action camera. I thought for sure it was due to the crazy heat causing it to shut down, but I’m betting it was all me. Either way lets get on to the important part.

This event was a four-heat setup, and even though we didn’t have the huge numbers we did at a previous four-heat event, it made for a great setup. I was able to photograph the first two heats, work the third and run the fourth. This gave me time to watch others, eat, try not to die from the heat and get myself in the zone.

My day started off with taking more photos in the paddock of vehicles and drivers getting ready. I love taking action shots, but I feel like that’s only part of what happens at these events. There’s a lot of social things as well as prep that can make for great visual shots. I didn’t get as many as I would have liked, but I got a few that I felt really showed what happens outside of the course.

I also got some stylistic photos of cars as well as a few of my common low-angle shots.

If you looked through either of these galleries, I hope one vehicle stands out. The number 60 280z owned by Tony Giordano caught my eye and I just had to go check it out. When I saw it, I knew it was special. I went over and snapped a few picks, and Tony came by to talk to me a bit. He went to register and as he walked away he asked, “Did you read the roof?” I replied, “No, I haven’t gotten that close yet!” As he walked away I went over and found this.


That’s 46 years of ownership and autocrossing, as well as almost 40 years of racing. I had never seen a vehicle like this until today, though I suspect the green Corvair I enjoyed so much at a previous event might have a similar story.

After my new photo adventure I parked my feet (I forgot my chair) next to a giant RV to bake in the sun…. err take photos of drivers on the course. It was hot, so hot that I was wiping my brow after every car drove through my chosen part of the course. I thought for sure that I was going to fall over before I could photograph both heats, but I managed to survive with a break in my car with the A/C on full blast for a while. Here are a handful of my photos, the others can be viewed at this link.

I was sad to see that no other photographers were able to stick around for heat three and four as I couldn’t take photos during my work/run heats. This is the first event I didn’t get any action shots of my Focus ST on the track 😦 I did snap a picture with my new Numbers thanks to another local Kent Edmonson, who was able to help me out in no time at all when I had been waiting for another online company to make me numbers for almost a month and a half.

As I had mentioned before, I failed when it came to recording my runs. Not only did I manage to kill my SJ4000 by squishing the power button at some point and frying it, my new little action cam “turned off” after I turned it on and didn’t record any of my runs. Now I think this is what happened, but I also think I might have turned it on and then thought I forgot to and then turned it off… So it’s probably my fault. Either way I will be troubleshooting a better way to record my runs, as well as pick up another action camera for my helmet.

In the end I placed 4th in G-Street and was the 2nd fastest Focus ST on the track. My fastest run was ruined by a cone, and it was just as I was getting back into my grove. I have a feeling that it was a previously downed cone that I drove by but didn’t stop, which I learned later that I should have. That being said I could’ve nailed another cone too so I’ll never really know. I think I could’ve placed higher if I had been more aggressive with the brakes. I always feel like I’m using a lot until I get to my third run and really get on them and figure out I could shave 1-2 seconds just in harder breaking.

Either way I’m happy. I’m hoping that I can make it to enough events to keep myself in the championship, and if I can pull of third place I’ll be exited and amazed!


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