KCRSCCA Event #4 – Slippery Slope

I knew this event was going to be fun as soon as there was a mass message regarding large amounts of rain on event day. The participation numbers had dipped from 120 all the way down to a little over 80.

I barely have a few events under my belt, let alone a wet one. I figured there’s no better time to start than now!


I prepped the ST and myself asΒ if I was about to drive through a hurricane. I had my seats set up so I could change shoes inside the car, I event went as far as to buy a rain suit the day before assuming I was going to be working the course.

None of these things ended up being needed, which was kind of a good thing. I started out my day by working a job I had never done before, waiver person. For those who do not know, a waiver person is a worker who has anyone who enters the event site sign a waiver of liability. In the event the 19 year old who just bought a used corvette rockets it into the paddock and runs you over, this waiver keeps the event coordinators and the site safe from lawsuits. Thankfully it’s not something you generally have to worry about, but it’s worth it to have those signatures.

I checked the weather and realized that the huge rain forcast with thunderstorms had turned into a cloudy day with a chance of drizzle around lunch time. I felt I had to at least wear the jacket part of my rain suit since I had bought it, so I did. I maybe worked with a dozen folks coming into the event before it was finally lunch time.

After my boring work assignment I headed over to the food tend and quickly ate a giant cheeseburger, which probably wasn’t a great idea but it was tasty. I walked around my car in hopes that it would at least make a dent in the 800+ calories I just ate, then sat down to put my “racing shoes” on. Of course my two camera plan failed again because the power button on the SJ4000 got stuck so it drained the battery. Still thinking it could rain I placed my other camera on the inside of the car and got ready.

This course was different in the fact that the start was a turn that went into a tiny slalom. After making it through the first section, the weathers effect on the track became really apparent. The car was sliding around, the transition between concrete and asphalt triggered slides and squirmy handling even though visually the track was pretty dry.

I managed to pull off four solid runs, the fastest being a 36.9 and change. I was determined to beat this time in my last run, and then the drizzle showed up. It didn’t seem like much but you could definitely feel it on the track. I figured I would just power through it, but things didn’t go so well.

I spun. I hadn’t done this since my first time on a course, but it happened. I wasn’t too worried about it but in my mind I had failed. All I wanted was a 36.5 time and I got a 43 and change. I just went too hard. It’s true when they say drive smooth not like a maniac, but it’s hard when it’s so much fun to slide around and spin tires.

In the end I had a blast, and because the rain had scared off so many competitors the event was wrapped up pretty quickly. Someday I’ll get this camera thing figured out so my videos can be all fancy like.


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