KCRSCCA Event #3 – Big Fun Mess

This last Sunday was the KCRSCCA event #3, and it was one of the largest events the group has held. There were a lot of new folks, and with the large numbers we were running an extra heat.

My day started as a corner worker for heat 1. First, the Junior Karts hit the track and it was a fun site to see. All I could think of is, “Why did my parents never do anything like this with me?” All I could do was think about how I was going to get my kid into racing, and as the karts zipped by I had to really think about that. I don’t want to be the pushy parent who “suggests” their kid to participate in a sport only because I wasn’t able to myself.

Time went on, the little karts went by and before I knew it the first heat was ready to roll. It was a good mix of cars, and I was able to really watch people and how they handled the first half of the course. It seemed that closer to the end people were having problems with sliding, the infamous Goose Poop Corner seemed to be extra tricky today.

Of course I had to work the heat where multiple spins happened as well as one poor S2K taking out the timing, but once it was over I was glad to head back to my chair and enjoy some spectating.

I snapped a few photos of heat 2, even though I’m not as serious about it as some of the other photographers I still enjoy capturing some action while I sit back and relax.

After heat 2, I was headed to my car to prep. I go to set up my action cams and of course I forgot my helmet mount for my new helmet, so I went single camera for this event. I was really bummed because I knew the audio would be pretty sad sounding and I wouldn’t get the cool view from inside the car. I quickly got over it and mounted my new camera to the top of my windshield. I chatted with a fellow ST driver, Ray, about the course and the car. He’s top of the G-street class, and my only hope for this event was to be in 2nd.

The next thing I know we are getting ready to run. Down the center of the staging area a small girl is briskly walking, and when she gets to my car she asks, “Can I ride?”ย Figuring this was a drivers kid who just enjoyed ride-alongs I say yes.


I hit the course and it’s really turning out to be complex. The corners are tight and close together, the back slalom is offset at a weird angle, and the last corner is this long high speed turn through the slippery Goose Poop corner. My first run nets me a time of just over 56 seconds, and my ride-along chirped, “Good run!” I told her it was only my third event, and she said, “This is my fifth year.” I soon realize this was one of the Junior Kart drivers, and I soon start making excuses for my poor driving.

After getting back to the staging area and checking my tire pressures, I waited patiently for Ray to come in from his run. His first time was just under 54 seconds! I knew I could do better, and for my second run I decided to go all-out.


Back on the course again, I start pushing the car harder. The tires are just dying from the heat and the car is having trouble gripping. I keep pushing, sliding around the tight corners and just hoping I can keep it away from the grass and cones and on the course. I finish my second run with a time of just over 54 seconds. I was more than happy, and in my mind I was trying to tell myself Ray was faster because of his rear sway bar and sticky tires.

I’m sure if I would’ve thought ย harder during the next two runs, I would’ve gotten better. My third run I ran a little slow, and my fourth run I blew the slalom pretty badly. Overall my second run was the fastest.

After reviewing the footage I realized I wasn’t really using all of the course. With the turns being so tight and complicated, I was too focused on just making it through the turns and not focused on my line. In the end I held 2nd in G-Street for the event, and I hold 3rd overall in the championship. If I can just creep up to second or even hold onto third this year I will be a happy camper.


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