Budget Action Cam Duo for Multicam Filming

I love cars, but I think my love for cameras and video/photo stuff is equal to or greater than that love.

The problem with action cameras is I’m cheap, and though I feel like most big name brand action cameras are awesome I just can’t stomach buying them. Something about watching a $300 GoPro flying off of my windshield into a ditch just doesn’t make me feel well.

Last year I purchased my first budget action camera, the SJ4000. It was a basic GoPro copy with a bonus screen on the back so I could actually see what I was doing. I mounted it on my motorcycle and gave motovlogging a try. After braking my thumb working on my motorcycle I kind of gave up on that.


When I started autocrossing this year, I borrowed my GoPro from work because it had a suction cup mount. It worked well, but without a screen or wifi it was hard to tell if it was recording in bright direct sunlight. This meant I missed a handful of runs because I didn’t actually start recording, or I somehow took a picture or something else.

This made me sad, and I knew that my SJ4000 might be a little easier to tell, but the screen was still hard to see in direct sunlight. I set out to find a cheap action camera with wifi so I could mount my camera outside of the car and not worry about if I remembered to turn it on or not.

That’s when I found the Ion Pro Lite Wifi on Amazon. For a whopping $37 I was able to get a 1080p waterproof action camera with wifi connectivity and a recording SWITCH instead of a button so there was no mistaking if I turned it on or not.


I was really skeptical at first because of the price, $37 for anything that has to do with images or video is usually a turd. After mounting this thing on my car I was thoroughly impressed. The image was pretty clear, the compression wasn’t too bad, and the auto adjusting wasn’t that jarring. It’s nothing like a higher end GoPro, but my basic GoPro didn’t really offer much more than this little camera did for almost 1/4 of the price.

With this purchase I decided to dust of the SJ4000 and pair the two together to make a multicam setup for my autocross days. I mounted the Air Pro Lite on the front glass, and the SJ4000 on my helmet. I honked my horn to sync the videos together and viola! An awesome multicam video for less than the price of a basic GoPro.

I’ll be adding an audio recorder and microphone to this setup to capture better exhaust audio. I’ll be cheating as I already own a really nice audio recorder and lavalier mic, but I’ve seen a few budget audio recorders with microphones for $30-$40 which would still put this kit at just about the same price as a single basic GoPro.


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