Meme Motorsports, the random idea of a desk chair racer.

Hi, I’m Paul, creator of Meme Motorsports.

Meme Motorsports is a racing team that currently consists of me, I, myself.

Do I plan to expand? Sure! Once I figure out this whole racing thing.

This all started when I decided to put down my Playstation controller and try to actually race a car. Of course I have gone on many “spirited” drives through back roads and down long stretches of highway, but I knew that none of that could compare to even the most simple and save form of racing.

I had thought about competing in Solo Racing, also known as autocross, for a long time. I always had some excuse, but this year I decided to do it. While my brain kept trying to take my fingers away from the keyboard as I registered for my first event, my heart was like DOOOOO IT! And so I did.

12968115_10201557720700374_4020367041526799653_o (1)

My First event was a simple Test and Tune, and at first I was very nervous. I couldn’t stop overthinking everything that was going on. Was my car going to survive? Would I roll it into a pond, never to be seen again? Would I die in a fiery crash after making some huge but novice mistake?

Turns out none of that happened, I just had an awesome time. With that in mind I had my fair share of mistakes.

Overall I learned a lot from that Test and Tune, and it lead to what I considered a solid success in my second event. I placed 4th in G Street, 49th overall in PAX and 2nd out of all of the Focus STs on the course including others in modified classes.

It was a fun event, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was great to finally get to drive my car like it was meant to be driven.

I also got to dust off my camera gear and snap a few photos from the spectators area, which I really enjoyed. I had never had the chance to photograph a race or other motor sport, and it was a fun challenge.

So what’s next? I’ll have to check the calendar, but I’m pretty sure event #3 is in June so stay tuned!


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